About Us

Junk Masters Hauling and Recycling ​

Founded in 2020, Junk Masters is a female-led professional Hauling and Removal company serving central Indiana. You’ll usually get Tiffany on the phone and she’ll also be along for the onsite visits. This is a small business with a husband and wife team helping people solve their junk problems throughout the week. 

We have loved hauling junk our entire life – we just didn’t know it could be turned into a business. Ever since meeting in college more than 20 years ago, we have helped countless friends and relatives remove their clutter. This unknown love for getting rid of trash culminated when we bought an old farm, filled to the brim by a hoarder.

Having fallen in love with the farm, we didn’t even notice just HOW MUCH junk was stuffed into every nook and cranny not only of the main residence, but also every side building. When all was said and done, the two of us had cleared out 15 HUGE trash containers, not to mention donated several truckloads of furniture and household goods.

In short, we learned how to handle junk and grime of all sorts. Over time, our love for bringing order to madness increased, and we’ve found a lot of joy in helping others find simplicity and happiness within their own home.

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