Dirt Removal

Dirt Removal Services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas!

Got unwanted dirt? Whether you have finished a yard redesign project, or are getting rid of a raised bed garden, sometimes you find yourself with an unneeded pile of dirt. When it’s time for that dirt to go, you know just who to call.

Junk Masters offers professional dirt removal services. Depending on the size and circumstances of the job, our licensed and insured dirt removal specialists can remove dirt by hand, or using our Bobcat MT100 mini skid steer.

How does dirt removal work?

Our professional dirt removal team will work diligently to remove any unwanted dirt from your property. Whether you find yourself with leftover dirt from an outside landscaping project, or want us to remove old garden beds, Junk Masters can help.

Based on your particular circumstances, we’ll find the most efficient solution to remove the unneeded dirt. Usually (when there is a safe access space) we perform dirt removal using our own MT100 mini skid. This earth moving equipment is always ready to go and can perform your dirt removal job in the blink of an eye.

If access (or other issues) exist which make working with motorized equipment unfeasible, our team members will use shovels and carts to remove dirt from your property.

Once your unwanted dirt has been loaded in our dump trailer, our team will legally and ethically dispose of your dirt at a local landscaping recycling center.

Dirt Removal Project in Fishers, IN
After: A Dirt Removal Project in Fishers, IN

How long does it take to remove dirt?

We understand that you want to get rid of the unsightly pile of dirt moved quickly. That’s why Junk Masters Inc owns its own bobcat mini skid. Loaded at all times, this machine is ready to work at a moment’s notice. Compare this to most of our competition that needs to rent a piece of equipment whenever it is needed.

Once on site, the dirt removal process can go very fast. Our bobcat mini skid comes equipped with a 44″ bucket, capable of moving more than a wheelbarrow of dirt with each scope. Most dirt removal projects take just a few hours – i.e. can easily be completed in one day.

Should hand removal be required, the process can take significantly longer.

How much does dirt removal cost?

There are several factors that determine the pricing for dirt removal. Most importantly, how much dirt is to be removed and can we access the “pile” with our skid steer.

Our Bobcat MT100 can move a lot of dirt quickly. Current pricing for use of our MT100, including a trained and insured operator is $125 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Disposal fees for dirt start at $250 per trailer load (up to 4 tons).

If we are unable to complete your project using our skid steer, prices for hand removal will need to be quoted on-site. We have a 3 cubic yard minimum with pricing starting at $150 per yard.

I have a lot of dirt to remove, can you help?

Yes and No. Define ” A Lot”.

Using our state of the art Bobcat MT100 mini-skid steer and dumpster trailer, we can move “a lot of dirt” quickly. But dirt is very heavy (around 1 ton per cubic yard), so transporting it can be quite difficult.

We can move approx. 4 cubic yards of dirt per trip If you have more than a few trailer loads (for example after digging a pool) it might be more economical for you to use a local excavation company with access to larger dump trucks which can move upwards of 20 yards at a time.

Contact us today at 317-456-2055 for your no obligation dirt removal estimate in Fishers or surrounding areas.

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