Illegal Dumping & Campsites

Professional Help Cleaning Up Illegal Dumpsites in Central Indiana

Illegal dumping in Indianapolis and other nearby areas, both metropolitan and rural, has become worse in recent years. With disposal and recycling costs on the rise, we see more and more property owners become victims of illegal dumping.
Sometimes illegal dumping is corralled to onsite dumpsters or dumpster corrals. This often happens at construction sites and behind commercial locations and apartment buildings. Other times it is alleys behind homes and empty lots in various parts of Indianapolis that have become targets of illegal dumping. And unfortunately, where there is one pile, others seem to follow.
If you have an illegal dumping site or an illegal campsite on your property and you need illegal dumping cleanup services, Junk Masters is here to help.
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Illegal Dumping in Indianapolis

How can Junk Masters help with Illegal Dumping in Indianapolis?

Is the illegal dumpsite on your property in violation of HOA or city codes? No one wants to get a code violation letter or fine. And even worse is having to pay the city to clean up the illegal dumpsite that has appeared at your property.
Avoid the costly government-led solutions and take action today. Junk Masters has the tools and equipment necessary to get that illegal dumpsite cleaned up quickly. We utilize our 15 cubic yard dump trailer and our Bobcat MT100 mini-skid steer to eliminate piles of debris quickly and safely.
Bio-hazard concerns? No problem. Our team is certified to handle all that unsavory stuff!

How Long Does it Take to Clean Up an Illegal Dumpsite?

The size and contents of the illegal dumpsite will determine the overall timeline of the cleanup project. Some piles may only need an hour or two to unravel and dispose of. Other dumpsites may need multiple days of work to complete cleanup.
If there is bio-hazard waste present such as human or animal waste, or drug paraphernalia, all bio-hazard precautions will be taken to prevent infection. Our team is trained for these sorts of cleanups and always carries precautionary gear. Should bio-hazards exist, there will be additional clean up steps necessary and also additional costs.

We will provide a personalized timeline based on your hoarding cleanup project as part of our free consultation.

What Does it Cost to Clean Up an Illegal Dumping?

Illegal Dumping at an apartment dumpster in Fishers, IN

The costs for cleaning up an illegal dumpsite are ultimately determined by the volume of what has been left behind as well as what it is. When there are only a few items, the costs will likely be in the hundreds. Large illegal dumping sites or piles of tire, oil, paint, TV, or freon-containing appliances will incur more fees. And exacerbating factors such as human and animal waste or other potential bio-hazards also add to the cost.

Junk Masters’ prices are based on our onsite consultation process, where we work out a detailed plan of action, tailor-made for your illegal dumping situation. In our experience, illegal dumpsite remediation can range from $300 for a small illegal dumpsite to $1,000s for dumpsites that have been left to accumulate for a while.

We pride ourselves in finding the most efficient solution for your needs. Contact us today to discuss a customized illegal dumpsite remediation solution for properties in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

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