Shed Removal

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Has that old, raggedy shed become an eyesore in your beautiful garden? Once the life has drained out of an old shed and it starts to hurt more than it protects, demolition is inevitable.  Shed removal can be a daunting task because not only can the wall and roof sections be large and heavy, but they also don’t easily fit in your household trash.

Junk Masters’ proven process for shed demolition in Fishers, IN, can get rid of your old shed or gazebo in no time. Then you can get back to enjoying your garden.

How much does Shed Removal in Indianapolis cost?

The cost of shed removal services depends on several factors. For example:

  • How large is the shed we should remove?
  • Is the area in a hard to reach area of your property?
  • Are there still items inside your shed?

We will work with you to come up with the perfect solution to haul your old shed on-time and on budget.

Generally our prices for shed removal in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas start at $400 for a small, empty metal shed to $1,500 for a larger wooden shed with shingles. Reach out to receive a customized estimate for your shed, gazebo, or other garden structure.

How long does the shed removal process take?

The length of time to complete demolition and removal of the structure depends on the complexity of its construction. An average-sized shed usually takes two to three hours. After reviewing the shed, we will provide a customize timeline based on your shed removal project.

Do I need a permit to tear down a shed?

In most cases, removing a shed needs a building permit. This depends greatly on your location. Please call your city’s building department for more information.

Can you remove my shed if it’s full of “stuff”

Before the shed removal project can begin, we require that sheds are completely empty. Junk Masters is a full service junk removal company and we’d be happy to help you empty those unwanted items from your shed.  

When can sheds be removed?

Based on weather conditions and our schedule, we can generally start with your shed removal project within 1-2 days of receiving your  approval. Certain times of the year, when snow or extreme cold conditions prevent outdoor activity, delays may occur in booking shed removals.

Rusty Metal Shed Removal

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