What Items Can You Take?

At Junk Masters, we are able to take a wide variety of items to help you clean up. We will accept as many items as we can to make the process of removal as easy as possible for you, but there are a few items we cannot accept. Below is a list of items we will accept and what we can help you clean out. Don’t see something on the list? Contact us with the specifics and we’ll see if we can assist.

What Junk Masters Can Dispose Of For You

*Some items require additional disposal fees such as tires, TVs, and freon-containing appliances

What Junk Masters Can Dispose Of For You

What Junk Masters Will Clean Out

About Junk Masters

We are a professional junk removal company servicing Fishers, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. We love making the lives of our clients cleaner one truckload at a time!

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