5 Tips For Decluttering Your Basement in Fishers, IN

Decluttering your basement in Fishers, IN, can be a huge task, especially if you have a lot of shelving or items in storage there. The key thing to remember about decluttering your basement or any other room in your home is that you didn’t fill it up in an hour, and you don’t have to empty it in one either!

Decluttering can be a very difficult process for some because you just don’t know what to get rid of. What if you need something later? And even when you decide to get rid of something, what do you do with it?

Here are five tips to make your next basement decluttering a success!

  1. Work in 15-minute bursts followed by a 5-minute break. Once you’ve completed that, go back for another cycle of work.
  2. Take it one shelf/drawer/box at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to clean out the whole room all at once; just break your basement down into sections and then portion those out as well. Smaller “bites” of work make the task more manageable.
  3. If you haven’t touched it in more than a year, you don’t need it. Whatever it may be –  games, books, clothing, furniture, decorations, etc. – if you’re not using it, and can’t remember the last time you did use it, it’s time to let someone else get some use out of it. If it’s broken, fix it or put it in the trash.
  4. When it comes to getting rid of things, make it easy on yourself. If you’ve got the time and interest, sell items locally on Facebook or Nextdoor. Or donate items to a local charity if you don’t want the hassle.
  5. If you’ve got a lot of items and don’t know where to start, call in a professional. The Junk Masters team can help you sort through big or overwhelming jobs as well as just get the junk gone that you don’t want to see anymore. Contact us at 317-456-2055 with details about your project and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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