Feeling overwhelmed by stuff?

Our insured downsizing & junk removal professionals at JUNK MASTERS are here to take care of it!

Professional Estate Cleanout, Downsizing,
& Junk Removal Services in Hamilton County, Indiana

Estate Cleanout in Lebanon, IN
Estate Cleanouts
Hoarding Cleanup
Senior Downsizing Services
Commercial Property Cleanouts
Landscaping Cleanups
Illegal Dumping Cleanups
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Swingset & Playhouse Removal
Shed & Gazebo Removal
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Construction Debris
Appliances & Electronics
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Decluttering, Organizing & Junk Removal Services

Do you have a home or property that is full of stuff? Whether you are helping in the cleanout process or cleaning out your own estate, the professionals at Junk Masters are here to help. We have experience with decluttering, organizing, unpacking, senior downsizing services, hoarding cleanups, estate cleanouts, court ordered cleanouts, and more.

When it gets to be more than you can take care of yourself, even if it’s a whole house, Junk Masters will eliminate your headaches in a jiffy. Because we have the know-how and professional equipment, we get the job done quickly and within budget.

Have heavy items or a difficult yard situation? We also have our own Bobcat MT100 mini-skid steer for more complicated or heavy projects.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Presently up to 60% of items are donated and recycled. Junk Masters works with local organizations to keep as many items out of the landfills as possible. From clothing to furniture to household items, if it is still in good shape, we will donate items to be reused and/or sold.

Broken and aged electronics are recycled at local tech recycling firms and yard waste like tree trimmings and branches are taken to local mulch suppliers who chip up the waste.

Fast, Easy, & Professional

Junk Masters Inc. has a passion for helping others make their lives simpler. With one single phone call, we’re on our way to remove that stuff. We provide fast and flexible scheduling at your convenience via text, phone, or email.

Junk Masters is environmentally friendly and partners with local organizations to recycle and repurpose items whenever possible.