Dishwasher Removal in Carmel

Need to get rid of old appliances or electronics like a dishwasher in Carmel? No problem!

Junk Masters is here to help with appliance recycling in Carmel whether you need it picked up today or weeks from now.


A Recent Call Out to Take Out the Trash

Have you recently gotten a new appliance delivered? Or do you have an unneeded appliance in your garage or shed that you no longer use?

A repeat client reached out to ask for help getting her old dishwasher and packaging for her new dishwasher removed from her front doorstep in Carmel. Excited about the arrival of her new dishwasher, she expected the delivery team would be able to remove her old dishwasher. But they couldn’t immediately take it with them and never showed up again to pick it up. After waiting more than a week for them to appear, she decided to call in the junk professionals.

Appliance Recycling in Carmel

Do you have an old fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or other appliance that needs to go? Junk Masters is here to get rid of it! Whether it’s working or not, we find the best solution for disposal like donating or recycling. These items will never end up in the landfill when you choose Junk Masters as your junk removal specialist.

E-waste is a growing concern around the world and Americans create electronic waste at an alarming rate. Americans throw away an estimated $55 billion in e-waste material annually (more than the 2019 Gross Domestic Product of many countries) and, in the United States and Canada, every person produces roughly 20kg of e-waste annually.

It is important that e-waste such as old appliances and electronics is properly recycled. Not only can we harvest much-needed resources for future electronics, but keeping these items out of landfills prevents them from leeching harmful pollutants into the groundwater.


Scheduling a pickup at your earliest convenience for a single item like a dishwasher typically costs $125 in Hamilton County. Or if you have a collection of items you need to get rid of, reach out for a custom quote.

Reach out at 317-456-2055 if you have a dishwasher to remove in Carmel, IN, or other ewaste such as appliances or electronics to remove in Noblesville, Fishers, or surrounding areas. Or send us an online request with details about your project today. We look forward to hearing from you and getting things cleaned up for you quickly.

About Junk Masters

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