How to Get Rid of Scrap Metal for Free

Do you have an old metal desk, shelf, broken grill, or other bulky scrap metal items you’d like to get rid of? Are you lacking a vehicle that would allow you to transport the items? If you’re able to move those items to your driveway, you may be able to utilize an inexpensive option to get rid of those large items.

Scrap metal is always in demand. Often, you can often find “scrappers” in your area who will pick up items for free. They take the items and repurpose them (if possible) or resell the metal at a local metal junkyard.

Sometimes you may find a scrap hauler driving around your neighborhood before trash day. If you see someone looking at the garbage piles, just flag them down. While this is certainly an option for you to get rid of your scrap metal items, it may be more reassuring and effective if you set up a scrap metal pickup with someone instead.

🚲How do you setup a scrap metal pickup?⚓️

  1. Bring the items outside and create a pile. The first thing you want to do is get your scrap metal together to see what you have. Next, clear them from your home. Most scrap haulers do not have insurance or a business established, so there’s a liability to having them in your home. Bringing items outside also makes it easier to schedule a pickup.
  2. Take a photo or two of your pile. It is best to photograph the pile from multiple sides and bring attention to any large or heavy items. Scrappers may be driving 20-30+ miles for your pickup so they’ll likely want to know the trip is worthwhile.
  3. List it on Facebook, Nextdoor, Craigslist, etc. with a description of what needs to be removed and a deadline. List items that may be repurposed and the condition of items. Also indicate whether you are willing to split out items or want someone to come and get the whole pile.
  4. Pick the one which seems the best fit. You will likely get many responses. You may want to select someone living in your general area, or just the first person who responds who seems like they can handle the job.


Need a Professional Option?

Have heavy items or hard-to-move items? Need items brought out of your home? Not able to move items yourself? Junk Masters pros also remove scrap metal items for a fee, primarily based on the volume the items take up. Appliances that contain freon have an additional environmental recycling fee and, due to weight, some items require special equipment for removal which may result in additional charges.

Our team members are fully licensed and insured and have the strength, know-how, and equipment to get even the largest removal tasks done. Call or text Junk Masters at 317-456-2055 with information about your project to learn how we can get rid of your scrap metal today. 

About Junk Masters

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