Moving Day Junk Removal

Congratulations! Your home has recently been listed (or probably even gone pending by now since this market moves so fast) and your next thoughts will be on moving out all of your stuff. There’s no better time to declutter as you prepare to move into your new home.

What do you do with the leftover trash, moving boxes, and junk like furniture or old appliances you don’t want anymore?  When you’re coming down to moving day and you have no idea what to do with the rest of that stuff, Junk Masters is here to help!

With a single text or call to 317-456-2055, Junk Masters can be there before, during, or after your movers to rid your home of the moving mess. Don’t let yourself get stressed over how you’re going to find a way to give it all away or schedule tons of pickups. Skip piling it all on the curb and hoping it gets picked up. We’ll gather it within your home and can even give your home a good cleaning afterward if you like. Got some old limbs or a playset that needs to go? We can help with that too!

Here are a few example prices for removal of items:

  • 25 bags of trash and a small desk: $250-400
  • Queen mattress and box spring: $150
  • 8′ x 10′ shed: $1250
  • 4-person hot tub: $300
  • Side-by-side-fridge: $175

Junk Masters is locally owned and female-led. We are professionals who work discretely in all environments. We guarantee to get the job completed by the time indicated so your closing is not affected or we will do the job for free.

Text us pictures of your moving day trash pile today at 317-456-2055 for a free personalized quote or submit an online request.

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One Text Or Call To Haul It All!

Reclaim your space today as you watch us take it away!